Logotype for pizzeria and salad bar Atipico.
Logotype for digital marketing and PR agency.
Monogram for Acacia medical organization  in South Africa.
Genneve logo for men's cosmetic line.
Logotype for the cosmetic company NovaSkin Lab.
The logo design for new analgesic pharmaceutical product Ngesic.
Zolinger Pro. Logotype for company selling professional movie makers products.
Logo design for natural cosmetic products Natuerra.
New Zealand Pharma. Logo for pharma company.
Logotype for company producing special sounds device.
Logotype for company selling eco tableware and packaging. Pack in eco.
The logo for MusicLab, the creators of the world's finest software guitar instruments.
The logo for Midwest Immersive. The company is a Virtual Reality.
The logo for Meccamates, Muslim dating service.
Claire Savage, personal logo.